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The Kingston region geographic area is very unique and has a wide range of geological qualities depending on what specific area you live in. All of these areas may contain high levels of radon gas in the soil and rock.

While each area is very unique they all have one thing in common. The only way to know if your home  is above the safety guidelines is to TEST for radon.

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The Kingston region is known for its limestone. While not recognised as generally having high radon levels, some of the highest test results which we have recorded have occurred in the Kingston area.

North of Kingston there are mineable quantities of radon producing uranium. This expanse of rock extends from Bancroft to Ottawa and southward into the Thousand Islands.

Glaciers which occurred tens of thousands of years ago moved varied amounts of radon producing rock and soil from its origin and deposited it into all other areas in which it travelled. This is why all buildings need to be tested in order to ensure the safety of its occupants.

Many houses which have had some of the highest readings have occurred in areas where levels were expected to be low. Radon is very unpredictable!

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