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How many people do you know that have been affected by lung cancer? Their family members, living in the same home may also be at risk.

The reality is that if your neighbor tested low it doesn’t necessarily mean you will too.

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Radon levels have no correlation to the age of the building, construction type or kind of basement floor. What Mr. Radon hears most in the GTA is “there’s no uranium here so I really don’t see the point of being concerned.” In reality we have found some very high levels of radon scattered through out the area – as the glaciers melted they dropped uranium rich boulders, rocks, pebbles and soil which they had carried down from “up north” and dropped them all over the country. You may unknowingly be exposed to high (cancer causing) radon levels.

Since there is no real predictor of high radon levels, the only way to know is to TEST.

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The Impact of Radon Exposure

Virginia’s Story – The Impact of Radon Exposure

Mr. Radon®’s Bob Wood featured in Ontario Technologist

Mr. Radon®’s Bob Wood featured in an article in the July/August issue of Ontario Technologist.

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Radon linked to more lung cancer deaths than previously thought

Reducing gas levels in homes could save hundreds of lives annually, Health Canada says

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Radioactive substance causes 16% of lung cancer cases, Health Canada says

About 3,200 Canadians a year likely die because of exposure to radon, produced naturally when uranium in the soil degrades, say the study authors.

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Is your child breathing radon gas at school? MSNBC Reports.

MSNBC Reports on the health risks of Radon gas in schools.

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New Radon Legislation in the works for Ontario

New radon gas legislation was read in the Ontario legislature today.

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Kanata residents share radon gas concerns

Residents of west Ottawa gathered Thursday where a Health Canada official informed them of all concerns regarding radon gas levels in their homes.

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Cancer Survivors Against Radon

Cansar.org is working with communities to increase radon awareness.

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Radon, the Invisible Menace – CBC News

CBC News covers the menace of radon gas.

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Radon Awareness

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Video: NFL Player Chester Pitts discusses the dangers of Radon. (

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