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CBC Interview with Bob Wood

June 26, 2014

Interview with Bob Wood, president of the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists.

Lung Cancer Screening Info For People With Radon Exposure History

February 20, 2014

We’d like to share this document prepared by Kansas State University. It discusses lung cancer screening and provides links to radon  information for both those who have been exposed to radon and for their medical care providers.

PDF file: Lung Cancer Screening for people with radon exposure history

CBCNews Report: Cancer Doctors Encourage Radon Testing

January 24, 2014
Aaron Goodarzi with the Southern Alberta Cancer Research Institute

Aaron Goodarzi with the Southern Alberta Cancer Research Institute

CBCNews Calgary reports (Jan. 21, 2014) that doctors and researchers in Calgary are testing their own homes for deadly carcinogenic radon gas in hopes it will increase awareness and encourage more home owners to test for radon too.

Click to watch the CBCNews Calgary radon testing video on their news website…

Are Radon Levels Safe In Your Home Or Business?

CTV News Video: Is a colourless, odourless killer gas lurking in your home?

November 27, 2013

CTV News recently highlighted the dangers of high radon gas levels in your home. Our own Bob Wood was interviewed. Click below to visit CTV News and watch the video.

Bob Wood of Mr Radon Interviewed on CTV News

CTV News Video: Is a colourless, odourless killer gas lurking in your home?

Winter is a Great Time to Test for Radon

January 7, 2012

Christmas decorations are going back in the boxes. The New Year celebrations are over. This winter, why not test your home or business for radon gas. With the doors and windows all closed, winter is a great time to get the most accurate readings.

How Does Radon Gas Affect Your Family’s Health

January 7, 2012

Radon Gas, or its radioactive decay products (RDP’s) are inhaled as part of the normal breathing process.

The RDP”s can stick in the lung tissues and continue to irradiate these sensitive tissues. Lung tissues do not have the same protective layers of dead cells that our skin has to protect us from alpha radiation.

Many of these irradiated cells are killed by this radiation, but some are just wounded and recover, a few mutate into cancer cells. Most of these will be taken care of by the bodies natural defenses, but those that are not, are a problem.

The higher the Radon level in your home the more often a cell gets irradiated.


What are the probabilities of this happening?

It is based on how much Radon Gas you and your family are exposed to, and for how long.

The only way to know if you have high Radon Gas levels in your home is to test!

Sources: Canadian Cancer Society and Stats Canada