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Mr. Radon E-Learning Canada

Controlling Radon in New Canadian Homes (CRNCH) Course

Self-Paced On-Line Training

Designed specifically to prepare students for the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) Certification CRNCH exam. Train conveniently and economically – with self-paced learning supported by comprehensive online video lessons, full documentation and interactive quiz.

Canadian National Radon Protection Program (C-NRPP) Accreditation: 6 Hours of Continuing Education Credits

Full Course Details:

Convenient, Self-Paced Online Training

Expand Your Understanding of Radon: what, where, when & how?

Learn best practices for building radon reduced homes

Understanding and the implementation of the Building Code as it relates to radon reduction

The Demand for a Greater Understanding of Radon for builders, building inspectors, engineers, architects, project managers, site foreman and environmental companies has never been greater.

This course will not prepare you to challenge the C-NRPP National Radon Measurement exam nor the National Radon Mitigation exam. It is intended strictly to teach building professionals best building practices, and Building Code compliance as it relates to radon.

Bob Wood Certified Radon Measurement Technician Trainer

Presented by Canadian radon specialist Bob Wood

Bob is currently Past President and Director of The Canadian Association of Radon Scientists And Technologists (CARST) and Owner of Mr Radon. With 30 years’ experience, Bob is a Master Plumber by trade and a Teacher by profession. Mr. Wood is a C-NRPP Certified Radon Measurement Technician and Mitigation Specialist, a C-NRPP Certified Radon Trainer and a Radiation Safety Officer.

Proven Training Methods

• In-depth, video-accompanied training units
• text
• Interactive Quiz
• research reference publications

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Tuition – Access for one year:
$250 +H.S.T.
All Materials Available On Line

Upon Completion You Will:

• Understand what radon is and the health effects of radon
• Know how radon enters a building and factors affecting concentration levels
• Be familiar with the different radon reduction techniques (mitigation)
• Receive our official Certificate of Completion
• Be prepared and eligible to sit the C-NRPP Radon CRNCH Certification Exam

Essential Training For:

• Home Builders

• Municipal Building Departments

• Building Inspectors

• Building Contractors

• Project and Site Foremen

• Engineers, Architects

• Environmental
Company Employees