Mr. Radon® is the leading Radon Gas Mitigation and Testing Company in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and provides mitigation services in Southern Ontario from Windsor to Ottawa.

If you have had a high Radon gas test, we can help.

If you are concerned about your family's health we can help.

Radon gas causes lung cancer.

Radon gas is the largest single cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and if you are a
smoker living in a home with high radon levels, your chances of lung cancer are
increased ten fold.

You can not see or smell Radon Gas.

In the past Radon Gas has not received much publicity in Canada. This has resulted in a lot of misunderstanding surrounding of what radon gas is, or is not, and where and why it occurs. Mr. Radon® will demystify these uncertainties and provide you with answers and solutions if your home has tested above action levels.

Glaciers have left unknown deposits that are different beneath every home. A neighbor's test results and your home's test results could vary widely. The only way to find out about your home’s Radon level is to test. Have your home tested!

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