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Become A Certified Canadian Radon Measurement Technician

Canadian Radon Measurement Technician Course Online at Mr Radon

Radon Measurement: Become Certified to CANADIAN Standards

The first e-learning course based on Health Canada radon guidelines and designed specifically to prepare students for the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) Certification exam. Train conveniently and economically – with self-paced learning supported by comprehensive online video lessons, full documentation and interactive quizzes… For Canadians By Canadians!

Canadian National Radon Protection Program (C-NRPP) Accreditation: 16 Hours of Continuing Education Credits

Full Course Details:

mapleleafCanadian Content

Convenient, Self-Paced Online Training

Expand Your Business Services

Peace Of Mind For Your Customers

Demand For Canadian Certified Radon Measurement Technicians Has Never Been Greater

In Ontario, new housing stock radon levels are now being guaranteed by Tarion New Home Warranty. Other provinces will surely follow.
Also, new legislation is afoot in Ontario that will soon drastically increase the demand for Certified Radon Measurement Technicians.

Bob Wood Certified Radon Measurement Technician Trainer

Presented by Canadian radon specialist Bob Wood

Bob is currently Past President and Director of The Canadian Association of Radon Scientists And Technologists (CARST) and Owner of Mr Radon. With 30 years’ experience, Bob is a Master Plumber by trade and a Teacher by profession.

Proven Training Methods

• In-depth, video-accompanied training units
• 130 page training manual including comprehensive
glossary and abbreviated terms
• Interactive Quiz after each unit
• 31 pages of review notes
• 10 research reference publications including
“Radon: Is It In Your Home?”

International Association of Certified Home InspectorsApproved by International
Association of Certified Home Inspectors

C-NRPPApproved pre-requisite for C-NRPP Certification Exam

Approved pre-requisite for Radon Mitigation Technician
Training Course

Tuition – Access for one year:
$350 +H.S.T.
All Materials Available On Line

Upon Completion You Will:

• Understand what radon is and the health effects of radon
• Know how radon enters a building and factors affecting concentration levels
• Know about different radon measurement devices and how they work
• Know the protocols used in testing residential and large public buildings
• Understand Quality Control and Quality Assurance requirement
• Understand the contribution of radon in water
• Be familiar with the different radon reduction techniques (mitigation)
• Receive our official Certificate of Completion
• Be prepared and eligible to sit the C-NRPP Radon Measurement Certification Exam

Essential Training For:

• Home Inspectors

• Environmental
Company Employees

• Home Builders

• Health Care Providers

• Those seeking a career
or new business
in radon testing and mitigation

Course Overview

Welcome And Introduction

• Overview, Glossary and Abbreviations Documentation

• Acknowledgements

• Extensive Text And Resource Materials

Radon Occurrence And Health Effects

• Reference Text Document

• 11 video / presentations

• Quiz

Radon Entry Behaviour

• Reference Text Document

• 8 video / presentations

• Quiz

Radon Measurement

Part 1, Measurement Methods:

• Reference Text Document

• 6 video / presentations

• Part 1 Quiz

Part 2, Conducting Measurements

• Reference Text Document

• 13 video / presentations

• Part 2 Quiz

Radon In Water

• Reference Text Document

• 3 video / presentations

• Quiz

Radon Mitigation

• Reference Text Document

• 5 video / presentations

• Quiz

Radon In Water

• Reference Text Document

• 3 video / presentations

• Quiz

Professional Conduct

• Reference Text Document

• Quiz

Review Strategies

• Review Notes

• Final Course Quiz

Everything You Need

This course has thorough coverage of everything needed and more to become a Certified Radon Measurement Technician…including health effects, how radon enters a building, measurement methods, quality assurance, radon in water, mitigation overview, professional conduct and access to library of documents to help you further understand radon.

Convenient, Self-Paced Learning

This course includes PowerPoint style slides and video as well as pdf files for text documents. Online quizzes help to reinforce your learning while working through the content, and passing the final overall test lets you know you are prepared for the National exam.

Tuition – Access for one year: $350 +H.S.T.
All Materials Available On Line

Contact Mr. Radon for further information and to register multiple students

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The C-NRPP Exam And Certification Information:

Successfully completing our online Radon Measurement training course means you will be fully prepared and eligible to challenge the final Certification Exam administered by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP).

The C-NRPP’s Individual Exam Fee is around $200 and writing must be overseen by a Proctor, eg. school teacher, librarian. Note: Your Proctor cannot be a relative, close friend, employee or employer. You should agree Proctor fees in advance and arrange payment and exam date/time/location with your Proctor.

One-Write Procedure:

1. Request a One-Write Exam Order Form and Proctor Security Agreement from C-NRPP Exam Administrator Pam Warkentin: cnrppexam@gmail.com

2. Return the completed One-Write Exam Order and Proctor Security Agreement forms (at least two weeks before your exam date) to cnrppexam@gmail.com

3. An invoice will be issued for $200. Upon receipt of payment, the exam and instructions will be sent by courier directly to your Proctor and to arrive before your exam.

Group-Write Procedure:

Mr-Radon staff can coordinate with C-NRPP Exam Administration and arrange a Proctor for groups wishing to challenge the exam at the same time.
Contact info@mr-radon.ca for Group-Write information and fees.


You’ve passed the C-NRPP Certification Exam?

Great! Congratulations. To officially register your Certification and exam pass marks with C-NRPP, and therefore qualify to have your details listed on their website as a Certified Radon Measurement Provider, contact C-NRPP Exam Administration: cnrppexam@gmail.com. The C-NRPP fee to officially register your certification is $200.

We highly recommend…

That certified technicians consider joining fellow Canadian individual members and corporate members of the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technicians (www.CARST.ca).

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