About Radon

What is Radon?

Radon Gas is a toxic, naturally occurring, odourless, colourless, invisible, radioactive noble gas that can affect any home. Radon is radioactive and causes lung cancer in humans. It comes out of the soil and rock and building materials in and around our homes and is caused by the natural radioactive breakdown of particles or uranium.

Radon Gas seeps into our basements through cracks, holes, pipes and other openings in our walls and floors. It will even seep through concrete.

The radon decay products (RDP’s) can stick in the lung tissues and continue to irradiate these sensitive tissues. Lung tissues do not have the same protective layers of dead cells that our skin has to protect us from alpha radiation.

Many of these irradiated cells are killed by this radiation, but some are just wounded and recover, a few mutate into cancer cells. Most of these will be taken care of by the bodies natural defenses, but those that are not, are a problem.

The higher the Radon level in your home the more often a cell gets irradiated.

*Note: Alpha strikes/trails can be seen in Mr. Radon’s Cloud Chamber.  

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