Radon Testing

In Canada, Radon Gas is measured in units called “Becquerels per cubic meter”.

  • One Becquerel is = to 1 Radioactive Decay Per Second
  • Health Canada recommends 200 Bq/m³ as the ‘action level’.
  • The World Health Organization recommends attempting to attain a level of 100 Bq/m3 or below.

Testing is the only way to confirm your home is safe from high radiation levels due to exposure to radon gas.

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Radon testing is broken down into 2 different types of tests;  long and short term. Long term testing is longer than 90 days. Short term testing is from 4 to 90 days with closed house conditions. Typically this is a four day test with closed house conditions.

Health Canada recommends that no mitigation decision be made without a long term test. In the USA short term testing is the standard that mitigation decisions are based on.

Mr. Radon® recommends (as does Health Canada) the long-term test. Short term test can give the occupant as idea of their exposure levels and if they are found to be between 70-200 Bq/m³ a long term test would be recommended.

It is now generally agreed that levels as low as 70Bq/m³ contain risk.

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