About Us

Mr. Radon®  was founded by Bob Wood in 2005, incorporated in 2008 and two years later received registered trademark approval.

Mr. Radon Inc. is also legally known as Mr. Radon and Mr. Radon®.

Our goal in providing radon testing and mitigation is simple:

  • Professional service and straight-forward advice,
  • to help you reduce your risk of over-exposure to radon gas.

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Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists

Mr. Wood has been in construction for the last 35 years, is a master plumber by trade and a teacher by profession.  Bob is a C-NRPP Certified course trainer, measurement provider and mitigation specialist. He is listed on the National Speakers Bureau of certified speakers and is a Radiation Safety Officer.

Call Mr Radon® toll-free – 1-888-472-3664

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