Lower Radon Levels and… Excellent Customer Satisfaction Levels

Here are some of our customers’ comments and experiences:

…Your course prepared me very well.

I already completed the exam successfully and I am very happy about that. Your course prepared me very well.
Thanks and best regards,


…did a great job

Also, as we discussed, thanks for all your help on this project. You did a great job and required little to no supervision from me, which is a huge plus in my books. The homeowner was very satisfied with the outcome of the project as well as your level of professionalism and how accommodating you were with them. It was a messy job and you made sure everything was clean before you left.

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you on future projects.

…wonderful job

Many thanks to Bob and Andrew. They did a wonderful job, and were very helpful and pleasant.

Rob Harris, Ompha


Thank you for the report. It confirms what I see on my Safety Siren detector. After the mitigation on Feb. 8, the radon level were dropping within a few hours. After 24 hours, I reset my detector and deployed the two measuring devices left by Bob on Sunday. [They were within 4 inches of one another]. After 48 hours my detector read 24 Bq/m³. After one week the levels had fallen to 9 Bq/m³. For the last two weeks the levels have fluctuated from 8 to 12 Bq/m³. I guess you’re used to these sorts of levels, after all the places you have mitigated but, I am amazed and very pleased with the results. I can now use my basement as much as I like, worry free. It is a much more pleasant place to spend time. It is warmer, drier and the air seems cleaner.

I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH. Please give my regards to Bob and Andrew and thank them for their warm, friendly and professional services.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Steeves

…a fantastic job

Mr. Radon (Brooks Gee) did a fantastic job installing our radon mitigation system. The work was high quality, done on time, and the price was affordable. I would highly recommend Brooks to anyone looking for a radon mitigation contractor (in the Kingston area)

A. Brooks, Metcalfe, ON

…I was really impressed

As a Professional Geoscientist I was really impressed with your course.
I learned a lot.
Keep up the great work.


…the program that Health Canada recognizes and recommends

I can state that the Canadian National Radon Proficiency program is the certification program that Health Canada recognizes and recommends as a resource for radon mitigation and measurement professionals and confirm that Mr. Radon is certified under this program.  You can share this email.


Kelley Bush,Head Radon Education and Awareness, Health Canada/ Government of Canada

…will gladly refer my family and friends

Professionalism, honesty and friendliness can be genuinely be used to describe your customer service. I called today with some concerns and the lady was so genuinely helpful that it made my day. Very few businesses can achieve that.
I appreciate the advice and I shall continue to monitor my basement. Thank you again for the reassurance.
Rest assured, should I require any work I would only consider your company and will gladly refer my family and friends to you. To achieve the trust of the customer before any work is done is a sign of success!
Thank you and please convey my thanks to that lady.
Best regards,


…great post-mitigation results

Thanks for the great post mitigation test results. Again your workmanship and professionalism was greatly appreciated and we have already started spreading the awareness of Radon gas to our friends and family.

D. Kinley, Mono

…thorough … inspection of sources of radon

Mr. Radon — who did our radon mitigation as well as Kiki & Simon’s. Excellent service, great communication, thorough discussion & inspection of sources of radon coming into house and proposes different mitigation strategies based on your budget & priority areas, etc.

Diz, Oshawa

…after mitigation…holding steady at 37 Bq/m3 !!

Just wanted to drop you a note letting you guys know that my latest radon reading after mitigation is holding steady at 37 Bq/m3 !! Originally it was up around 277 Bq/m3 before the boys came over to take care of it. 

We’re thrilled with the results and with the quality of work that Bob and Kyle did. It was a genuine pleasure to spend the day with them. Hope their trip back home went smoothly.

Thanks again and we’ve started spreading the word about radon to our friends. They’re all interested in learning more so hopefully we’ll be able to drum up some more business for you guys down in Windsor. It’s definitely a ripe market considering the “professionals” I spoke with locally all thought I was crazy in talking about radon. 🙂

B. Riggi, Windsor

…leaving the place clean and tidy afterwards.

There were extremely high radon levels in our house (3092 Bq/m3) and a complicated basement, with three separate areas and floors of concrete, gravel, rock and earth to contend with.
Mr. Radon’s Bob Wood provided an accurate quote and he and his team did a fast, quiet and workmanlike job, leaving the place clean and tidy afterwards. The finished job is neat and unobtrusive, and the radon in our house has been reduced to (86 Bq/m3) well below acceptable levels. Many Thanks.

BH. Tory Hill

…my son and I are well again…

We are writing to tell you about our experience with Mr. Radon.  From the day we moved into our home there was a strong odor in our home.  My son and I became sick.  I became so debilitated that I could not have worked if I wanted to. My son was white when he left for school in the morning but when he came home he was fine.  There was something in our home that was making us sick.

We discussed selling our home but didn’t because we felt guilty that we would be selling an unhealthy home.  In addition to the smell the humidity level was also very high.  We learnt about radon, had our home tested and then contacted the specialists at Mr. Radon.

They were extremely knowledgeable and spent the time to explain everything to us until we understood it.  We learnt that radon does not smell so although we had elevated radon levels we obviously had something else coming into our house from the soil.  We learnt that a radon mitigation fan not only takes the radon away but other soil gases as well, such methane.

Because of the construction of our home, the crew from Mr. Radon had an extremely difficult job.  It took four days during most of which they were crawling on their stomachs in our 1 ½ foot high crawl space.  They were very professional and kept the work area and our home clean.

The crew was dedicated, conscientious, and pleasant to have in our home and we felt comfortable having them in our home while we were out. As soon as the mitigation system was installed the smell went, the humidity dropped, my son and I are well again and the radon level was reduced from 245 to 16.2 Bq/m3.

Needless to say, we are thrilled and would recommend Mr. Radon to anyone concerned about their radon levels.

O. Brubacher, Cambridge

…performed a comprehensive assessment.

After having read a Health Canada publication sent to physicians this year about the lung cancer risk of exposure to radon gas in the home, I chose to perform radon gas testing of my home.

Health Canada advises action be taken when levels are greater than 200 Becquerels/m3. Documents issued by the US EPA recommend lowering levels to below 148 Becquerels/m3 and to consider lowering them to below 74 Becquerels/m3. For the well being of my family, I set a goal of less than 74 Becquerels/m3.

Though the site was complicated with a new addition attached to an eighty year old home, Bob Wood of Mr. Radon came to the site and performed a comprehensive assessment. He guaranteed that we would reach the Health Canada guideline and would strive to reach a level less than 74 Becquerels throughout the lower levels of the home.

With a progressive, step wise and well planned out approach, Bob not only exceeded the Health Canada guidelines but also the 74 Becquerel/m3 goal – despite the site’s complexity. As the mitigation process progressed, Bob returned and expanded the system to achieve our goal of an effective, non intrusive system without exceeding his original quotation.  His work was outstanding and I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring a site assessment or mitigation project.

Dr. JG, Waterloo

…for our (independent) inspector, an all-time low of 12 Bq/m3!

My husband had been talking about getting our house tested for radon for a few years and with the prospect of finishing our basement (and spending much more time down there), we went ahead.

Our initial test result of 295 Bq/m3 wasn’t off the charts high, but high enough that we didn’t want to be breathing it in on a daily basis.  Bob and Brooks came in to install the system (quickly and cleanly, I might add!) and our follow-up test was, for our (independent) inspector, an all-time low of 12 Bq/m3!  Results definitely worth paying for!

S. Leech, Kanata

…Best of all, our radon levels dropped…

We were very happy with our experience with Mr. Radon. He and his helpers were friendly, informative, and very courteous. They consulted us as to the most convenient place to install the system. They laid down sheets to protect our carpets when they worked and they cleaned up thoroughly after they were done. Best of all, our radon levels dropped from over 5 pCi/L to less than 1 pCi/L within 3 days. We’d highly recommend them.

A. Robinson, Brantford Ontario

... from over 300 to 15.9 Bq/m3

Thanks very much. The results are great. We’re glad the mitigation worked so well.
(from over 300 to 15.9 Bq/m3)

D. Hunter, Toronto

... I appreciate good service

In an email to: Kelley Bush
Head, Radon Education and Awareness 
Radiation Protection Bureau, 
Health Canada

We had a mitigation system installed in our home on May 15 in Ottawa. The staff arrived ahead of schedule, were very knowledgeable and very professional at all times. They work very clean and very organized. I can see how this system will work well.

It has not been long enough for my follow up radon test but our basement humidity is down 15 points already. The dehumidifier which is automatic at 40 % does not come on anymore. These guys left the premises as clean as it was when they arrived. They clean up after themselves without asking. The system is also not very noticeable as they positioned it very well and the vacuum is in the attic of the garage.

I have had 3 neighbours who have asked about the system. I thank the staff of Mr. Radon for the hard work and a job that was very well done and extremely professional.   I appreciate good service as I have been in the service industry for the past 35 years.

Thank you again.

J. Pickham, Ottawa

In an email to: Health Canada

In an email to: Kelley Bush
Head, Radon Education and Awareness 
Radiation Protection Bureau, 
Health Canada

Maureen Wood (of Mr. Radon®) informed me of your challenge encouraging the Builders Associations to get on board with the proposed building code change.
I totally agree with the proposed change in the Building Code, it is a small price to pay rather than have someone diagnosed with Lung Cancer caused by Radon Gas.

I was fortunate; I had chest pains Christmas Night 2009. I went to the Emergency department at Oshawa Lake Ridge Hospital on Boxing Day morning, I had a chest X-ray taken, blood work and a EKG. I was cleared by the hospital and went to see my family doctor the next day to let him know about my chest pains. He wanted another chest X-ray taken. He had seen something and wanted a CT scan taken afterwards. After he seen the CT scan result, he told me I had Lung Cancer and sent me to see a Therapeutic Specialist.

The Therapeutic Specialist told me it looks like it could be isolated and sent me for blood work, biopsy’s, MRI scan, and PET scan at Princess Margret Hospital.
 Fortunately the Cancer was isolated. I have had it for more than a year and it was about two inches in diameter. I had my Lower Left Lobe removed.

I worked at the Darlington Generating Station on construction until the fall of 1993. The last few months I was working in the building I was setting off the alarms when entering the building only, so after a while they told me to contact the Ontario Ministry of Health. They placed a Radon Gas Monitor for a month in my current house basement.I don’t remember what the levels were but they were acceptable at the time.

After I got home from the hospital, I was wondering how I possibly got my Lung Cancer, I never smoked, but I did remember getting my house tested for Radon Gas Levels back in 1993.
 It was hard to find a Radon Gas tester kit. My brother went on the internet and found out Lowes sells the kits. So before I started my Chemo Treatments, I bought two kits, set one downstairs and one upstairs, then I sent the kits to a lab and received high Radon Gas detection results above the Canadian limits this time.

It was very hard to find a Radon Gas Contractor until a friend found Mr. Radon on the Internet.
 Bob Wood (of Mr. Radon®) came to my house and after he confirmed High Radon Gas Activity his team installed a mitigation pipe below my basement floor, up through the basement closet, through the upstairs closet,  up through the attic with a fan installed running all the time and up through my roof. 
It reduced my Radon Gas levels to well below the World Health Organization recommendations and gave me a peace of mind. Great job Bob!

I told my Therapeutic Specialist that I had High Radon Gas levels in my house and he said that’s what gave me my Lung Cancer. 
If I did not have chest pains Christmas night 2009 which gave me a warning, I may not be alive today. 
If I did not set off the alarms going into the Darlington Generating Station back in 1993 and have my house tested for Radon gas levels I would have not known I had elevated Radon Gas Levels let alone not knowing it can give you Lung Cancer and after my Surgery and Chemo Treatments, the Cancer could come back.

I hope my experience can make a difference on letting the public know how Radon gas can lead to Terminal Illness if not detected (and addressed).


Stan Zimny

CARSTC-NRPPRenomarkHolmes and Holmes