Mike Holmes on Radon

 Mike Holmes full PSA Here’s a longer version of the Mike Holmes PSA that includes a lot more information, and an interview with our Founder, Bob Wood.

Mike Holmes Radon PSA – Airing across Canada!

Great news! CARST and the Lung Association have just released a public safety announcement in collaboration with Mike Holmes, Canada’s most trusted contractor. You can see Bob Wood, our founder, from behind at 0:20.

Mr. Radon at the Construct Canada Convention!

Mr. Radon participated in the Construct Canada Convention.

C-NRPP Accreditation For Our Online Radon Measurement Training

The first Radon Measurement Course with full Canadian content and offered online by Mr Radon has received accreditation from the Canadian National Radon Protection Program (C-NRPP) as 16 hours of Continuing Education Credits. Participants can train conveniently and economically – with self-paced, online learning supported by comprehensive online video lessons,…

Radon: What’s All The Fuss About?

by: Bob Wood, Mr Radon Radon gas is a radioactive carcinogen which causes lung cancer. That’s what all the fuss is about. Radon causes 21,000 lung cancer deaths in the U.S. and 3,200 lung cancer deaths every year in Canada. If I were to tell you that scientists in Canada…

Global News Report: Dr Roberta Bondar On Radon Danger

Dr Roberta Bondar, a physicist and Canada’s first female astronaut was interviewed recently on Global News Halifax about the dangers of radon. In their video interview posted to, Dr Bondar explains the importance of testing for radon in homes across North America. Browse our website to find more information…

Radon gas deadlier than thought: Radioactive substance causes 16% of lung cancer cases, Health Canada says

A new study has been published showing that about 3,200 Canadians a year likely die because of exposure to radon, produced naturally when uranium in the soil degrades. Efforts to reduce radon levels need to be stepped up, the study’s authors urge in a paper appearing in the journal Radiation…

Canadian homeowners need to know about the cancer risk in their basements

Few Canadians have tested their homes for the carcinogen and fewer still have taken the relatively inexpensive steps to radon-proof their homes. These were the conclusions of the recently completed The Radon Challenge study, undertaken by the HPC, a not-for-profit committed to improving housing and housing-related services across Canada.

University students come together to make radon public safety announcement videos

Watch the top videos in each category re: radon awareness here. Over 90 one minute videos were submitted by students to increase public awareness about the health hazards of radon in homes, with the best in each category being awarded a cash prize.

Health Canada releases its survey of Radon in Canadian homes

This new survey of 20,000 homes in Canada shows 8.2% of Ontario homes have unacceptably high levels of radon and need to be mitigated.  Click Here for a copy of the report ( .pdf) cialis super active 20mg pills online viagra safe does cialis increase sperm volume cialis 4…

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