Commercial Services

Commercial clients are encouraged to contact Mr. Radon® directly at 888-472-3664.

Radon Control System™ Spray Foam Air Barrier

Using this NRC approved CUFCA RCS™ spray foam, designed specifically for the radon industry, we eliminate the installation of labour intensive membrane systems.  This is a very specialized product.  All spray foams are not the same!.

Slab Insulation

With updated code requirements for slab-on-grade and other builds, the same CUFCA RCS™ foam exceeds these new insulation requirements. One product meets two requirements.

Please note that only CUFCA installers and companies certified in the CUFCA Radon Control System™ can guarantee the quality of the application and product.  This is a very specialized product. All spray foams are not the same!.


Our commercial clients have been:

  • federal and provincial projects
  • schools and remote location teacher’s residences
  • industrial warehouses shops
  • building owners and management companies
  • single residential home and medium-rise condominium builders
  • environmental engineering companies

For all new-builds the sooner we have the blueprints, the sooner we can review and comment on any changes that need to be made to facilitate our installations.  We lay the Big-O, membrane and system, working with other trades to facilitate schedules and the pouring of concrete.

Radiation Safety Officer Services

Should your building be found to have elevated radon levels the Certified Radiation Safety Officers (RSOs) at Mr. Radon® are able to develop a plan for your situation to protect the buildings occupants until remediation measures can be installed.

A functioning radiation safety plan for your building is a requirement when radon levels are elevated and the design of each plan varies depending on the levels and exposure time.

Radiation safety plans can be expensive over time due to the number of workers/residents and the levels.  For the safety of all, it is recommended that a solution to reduce radiation from radon exposure be implemented as soon as possible.

Consultation Services

Things are always changing in the radon industry.  New materials and ways of doing things continue to assist the industry in providing the best possible results.  Due to the new National Building Code of 2019 and Mr. Radon’s circumstance of sitting on Standard Boards and leadership in the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (CARST) gives us the unique opportunity of providing trusted consultation services.

VOC issues

The mitigation of Volatile Organic Compounds can also be addressed by the installation of a “radon” / “soil gas” sub slab or sub-membrane system.  Companies having to deal with these situations have already done the soil gas and other diagnostic testing, so their environmental engineers can prepare a mitigation plan for Mr. Radon® to install.


Due to its flammable/explosive nature, mitigation systems strictly for the remediation of methane needs to be carried out under the direction of licensed environmental engineers. With the hazards explained, the appropriate diagnostic testing conducted, and mitigation system designed by the engineers, Mr. Radon® is then able to install the soil gas extraction system as per the agreed specifications.

Fans for the use of methane extraction are by special order only, can take weeks to manufacture and are costly.


Mr. Radon® offers large scale testing of public, commercial and industrial buildings. We work with the clients to ensure that the specifications requested in a tender will satisfy the ‘testing in large buildings’ requirements as set out by Health Canada.  This includes strict adherence to the Quality Control/Quality Assurance requirements set out by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP).

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