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Radonova's Long Term (90-365 day) Alpha Track test kits and their accompanying instruction sheet.

Long Term Radon Test Kit

Test Length: 91+ Days

Health Canada recommends long-term testing of a minimum of 91 days. Radtrak³ – long-term Radon test detectors are manufactured for a single-use radon test that will monitor between 91 days and one full year. This extremely accurate test will consider all the daily fluctuations in Radon levels and provide an accurate average concentration, minimizing the potential for a false high or, worse yet, a false low reported result. 

Mr. Radon® has chosen Radtrak³ alpha track Radon testing kits for our customers based on the quality and reliability of Radonova and their superior results analyzed in labs accredited with ISO 17025, certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 1400.

Radtrak³ test kits are C-NRPP-approved devices, and a C-NRPP-certified analytical laboratory provides reports.

DIY Pricing:

$50 + $15 S/H + HST=$73.45

Includes lab fee and report. Return postage is not included.

Right to Use and Return Policy

Due to the sensitive nature of Radon testing devices, all products are final sale. Mr. Radon® cannot accept returns of detectors purchased in error, that are of the incorrect application or that have passed their recommended deployment date.

If a detector is deemed flawed due to the manufacturing process, calibration techniques, or transit handling en route to the end user, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will help solve the issue immediately.

Mr. Radon® is not responsible for issues that may arise when returning detectors for analysis, including but not limited to the loss of a device in transit to the manufacturer’s facility via mail, courier, etc. We understand that time spent performing the test will be lost if a result cannot be obtained, and we highly recommend adding tracking to any returned package.

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