Mr. Radon® has been installing radon mitigation systems in the Guelph and area since 2007. All of our field staff are certified by the C-NRPP for radon mitigation. In fact most of our office staff is C-NRPP certified mitigators as well.  Mr. Radon® is the industry leader in providing radon mitigation systems and radon testing in Ontario and services Guelph and surrounding area.

Radon in Guelph is a big issue.  Health Canada has determined that Guelph has higher than acceptable levels of radon.  Since radon causes lung cancer it is recommended that all homes and buildings/workplaces be tested for radon and if elevated, be mitigated.

radon Guelph

There has been discussion by the Town of Guelph building department regarding the implementation of stricter building requirements for new residential homes.  Any home still under the 7 year new home warranty program by TARION will be covered for the cost of radon mitigation should a long term (90+days) C-NRPP listed test device determine that radon levels are above 200 Bq/mᶾ and certain other conditions met.  For existing housing stock we retro fit radon mitigation systems.

Please email or call to discuss your radon concerns and needs. or call 1-888-472-3664

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