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Spray Foam Air Barrier

Spray Foam Radon Air Barrier

Are you building Net Zero or Energy Star homes?

The radon spray foam system used by Mr.Radon® has been researched and approved by NRC (National Research Council) to meet two building code requirements for certain building types– primarily the installation of an air tight barrier under the slab to prevent the intrusion of soil gasses (namely radon) and secondly to insulate the slab for slab on grade and other builds.

Industry consensus is that up to 10% of a building’s heat loss is through uninsulated floors.

All spray foams are NOT the same!

Radon Warranty Program for the Construction Industry

Spray Foam that Will Keep Radon Out and the Warmth In

Home Builder 7 Year Warranty

We guarantee that the post occupancy level of radon in homes will be under the Health Canada Guideline or Mr. Radon® will install an active radon mitigation system free of charge.

Plus, the added bonus of keeping the warmth in.

Mr. Radon Inc. has specialized training and certifications in the installation of a certified air barrier (required by OBC 2019) and sub slab insulation with one application.

  • Gears with Quality, Best Service, SupportReduces time to completion
  • Reduces labour cost
  • Eliminate the higher cost of membrane
  • Eliminate need for sealant
  • Contributes to a warmer and healthier home
  • Lower heating costs
  • Consider showing as your standard superior quality
  • Or as an upgrade

Mr. Radon® and its installers are trained and certified in CUFCA’s Radon Control System (RCS™). Developed by Demilec and approved by the National Research Council of Canada in CCMC 14073-R.

This type of spray foam, installation methods and quality control requirements meet both air-barrier and slab insulation requirements of the NBC 2015 and OBC 2019 – SB12.

Warranty Conditions and Limitations

  1. Mr.Radon® will supply builder with a long-term radon test kit for each dwelling.
  2. 112 mm clear stone leveled and compacted (by others) before CUFCA’s RCS™ can be applied.
  3. 24 hours set time required before the concrete pour.
  4. There are to be no additional penetrations or cuts to the spray foam including damage by rebar or mesh after the RCS™ has been applied.
  5. The homeowner will be responsible for conducting the post mitigation test and sending it to a third-party laboratory for analysis.
  6. Due to respiratory danger, other site workers are to adhere to the safety distance or mask requirements demanded by our CUFCA RCS™ certified installers or work will be halted.
  7. Work halted for this reason will be considered an added time cost to the job.
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