TARION Warranty Coverage – Radon Gas

Here is the information that TARION has provided to builders about their warranty for Radon Gas Mitigation coverage.

What does all this really mean?

This is great news if your home is in Ontario and is under seven years old, and is covered under TARION warranty (almost all new homes built by a builder are!).

This means that the cost of a radon mitigation is not coming out of your pocket.

You will need to follow the claims procedure and fill out a TARION claim form and it has been our customers experience that it will take some time and a fair bit of back and forth.  We have been told that TARION will initiate a claim based on a short term test but, will likely require a long term test (3 months conducted during heating season) conducted by a C-NRPP certified radon professional before authorising a radon mitigation.

A note of caution: It is possible that your TARION warranty may be voided if significant work has been completed without a building permit i.e. finishing basement with a washroom.

Once you have confirmed with the builder that you have qualified for radon mitigation services under warranty, they will either ask you to et a quote to have it mitigated or they will arrange everything for you. If this is the case insist that the builder use a C-NRPP Certified Radon Mitigator and ask for their Certification # so that you can confirm their status at www.c-nrpp.ca.  Builders’ staff are unqualified to assess or fix the problem. Some builders have been contracting this work out to handy people who know very little about Radon with disappointing but very predicable poor results, it’s only nuclear science after all.

Please also insist on a C-NRPP certified Radon mitigation contractor who is insured, this means they have attended courses and passed a national certified exam and have found an insurer that will insure them for radon mitigation work. Mr. Radon® does service southern Ontario ( Ottawa to Windsor) but there are other certified and insured radon mitigation contractors in Ontario. Any radon mitigation should include a post mitigation test to ensure that the mitigation is doing what it is supposed to do.  You may choose to conduct your own test for your added piece of mind.

Warranty 2 yrs + one day -7 years (Major Structural Defect) The intrusion of elevated levels of radon (200 Bq/m³ and above according to Health Canada) is considered a Major Structural Defect.

The builder is required pay to have your home remediated to reduce your radon exposure to below 200 Bq/m³. It is recommended that you ask a C-NRPP Certified Mitigator for a quote to have the work done professionally.

Tarion will support your insistence that the work be completed by a C-NRPP certified radon mitigator who is insured for radon mitigation work. Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Radon® at our office for more information.

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