Purchase Sucessful!

Thank you for your purchase. Your test device should arrive in 2-7 days, depending on shipping. We always mail the kits within 24 hours of ordering, unless noted otherwise (out of stock, etc.)

What to do with your test kit:

When you recive your test kit, whether it’s a long term or short term test kit, there’s a few things you need to do. If you don’t feel like reading this page right now, it’s fine- there are instructions included with your kit. We also email you with a link to this page, so you can always come back here.

After taking the test device out of it’s packaging, you need to find where you want to test. The Health Canada testing guidelines for professionals requires the following clearances:

From floor:

From interior wall:

From exterior wall:

From ceiling:

After finding a suitable location, you need to open your detector. For a short-term test, that means unscrewing the top. You may be able to see the electrode inside the unit- whatever you do, don’t unscrew the bottom of the unit! This will cause your results to be artificially high. After unscrewing the top, place it where you’re going to test. Make sure to record the staring time and date on the sticker that came with the unit. We need this information to calculate your results.

After your test is over, simply seal the unit by re-screwing the top, and mailing it back to us. Our return address is 1237 Cragg Road, Greenbank, Ontario, L0C 1B0.

Once we revive your test kit, we will read it the same day, and send you an email containing your results. We’re more than happy to mail you a copy of your results as well, but by default we only email them to you.

Happy with our services? Want to tell us something, or want to ask a question? Feel free to send us an email at info@mr-radon.ca.

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