Radon gas a bigger problem in Lanark, Grenville, than elsewhere in Ontario

The Lanark, Leeds, and Grenville region leads the way in radon gas – and not in a good way.” Full article as reported by The Perth Courier.

The Issue: Undetected Radon Gas can kill.

Local Impact: Lanark, Leeds, and Grenville have some of the highest residential radon gas levels in the province!

“Mainul Husain, Health Canada regional radiation specialist, told a standing room only crowd in Perth on April 1 that studies found that this region has an average 19 per cent of its homes have a radon gas problem – one of the highest rates in the province.

Congratulations, you are the winner,” joked Husain during his presentation at the Perth pool on Monday, April 1. (The session was hosted by the Otty Lake Association.) This region is “one of the hotspots is this area.””

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