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Radon gas deadlier than thought: Radioactive substance causes 16% of lung cancer cases, Health Canada says

A new study has been published showing that about 3,200 Canadians a year likely die because of exposure to radon, produced naturally when uranium in the soil degrades. Efforts to reduce radon levels need to be stepped up, the study’s authors urge in a paper appearing in the journal Radiation…

Canadian homeowners need to know about the cancer risk in their basements

Few Canadians have tested their homes for the carcinogen and fewer still have taken the relatively inexpensive steps to radon-proof their homes. These were the conclusions of the recently completed The Radon Challenge study, undertaken by the HPC, a not-for-profit committed to improving housing and housing-related services across Canada.

University students come together to make radon public safety announcement videos

Watch the top videos in each category re: radon awareness here. Over 90 one minute videos were submitted by students to increase public awareness about the health hazards of radon in homes, with the best in each category being awarded a cash prize.

Health Canada releases its survey of Radon in Canadian homes

This new survey of 20,000 homes in Canada shows 8.2% of Ontario homes have unacceptably high levels of radon and need to be mitigated.  Click Here for a copy of the report ( .pdf) cialis super active 20mg pills online viagra safe does cialis increase sperm volume cialis 4…

The Potential for Above-Average Radon Levels

By evaluating the geology in an area, scientists can evaluate the radon potential of the rocks and soils at housing sites or other areas of interest. The factors listed below can increase the probability that an area will have above-average levels of radon. Evaluating Radon Potential Uranium-rich rocks underlie the…

Radon Testing and Mitigation for Kingston Homes & Businesses

Mr Radon is pleased to announce that our radon testing and mitigation (repair) services are now available in the Kingston, Ontario area. All container

Winter is a Great Time to Test for Radon

Christmas decorations are going back in the boxes. The New Year celebrations are over. This winter, why not test your home or business for radon gas. With the doors and windows all closed, winter is a great time to get the most accurate readings.

How Does Radon Gas Affect Your Family’s Health

Radon Gas, or its radioactive decay products (RDP’s) are inhaled as part of the normal breathing process. The RDP”s can stick in the lung tissues and continue to irradiate these sensitive tissues. Lung tissues do not have the same protective layers of dead cells that our skin has to protect…

1 in 10 Toronto Homes With High Radon Levels

We are presently finding that an average of 1 in 10 of homes we have tested for radon gas in the GTA and surrounding communities are above the ‘action levels’ set by Health Canada. Occurrence of Radon Levels of radon vary from place to place and even from house to…

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