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Reusable E-perm Electret Ion Chamber Short Term Radon test kits typically used for Post Mitigation Testing.

Short Term Radon Test Kit

Test Length: 4 Days +/-

Short-term E-Perm Electrets are the most sensitive electret type and are usually the most suitable electret to deploy for short-term Radon tests. Short-term test kits are most commonly used for post-mitigation testing and reporting. They may be used for real estate transactions to accommodate short-time requirements. Health Canada recommends that a short-term test be followed up with a long-term test to provide a more accurate long-term average of Radon levels in a home or building.

E-Perm test kits are C-NRPP-approved devices, and a C-NRPP-certified analytical laboratory provides reports.

DIY Pricing:

$75* + $32.50 S/H + HST=$121.48

*Includes lab fee and report. Return shipping is included.

Testing Considerations

Testing conditions required 12 hrs before and during the test:

Windows and doors must be kept closed except for brief entry and exit. Do not use the clothes dryer, window air conditioner, bathroom and cooktop fans – if possible. Do not use your wood-burning fireplace unless it is the only source of heat – ensure the flue is closed. The use of a furnace and central air is acceptable.

Once received, the test kit box should be opened immediately, and testing should commence immediately. After four days, test kits should be returned to our office directly. Failure to promptly start, finish, and return the devices could invalidate the results.

Right to Use and Return Policy

E-Perm short-term Radon test detectors are manufactured for multiple uses. When purchasing a short-term test kit from Mr. Radon®, you are buying the Right-to-Use a test kit intending to return it to Mr. Radon®. You must return your test kit to Mr. Radon® for analysis, allowing us to provide an analytical report of Radon levels reported for the period tested. Report accuracy must rely on the assumption that short-term testing protocols supplied with the kit were followed. Please ensure all instructions are followed, including recording the correct date, time, location placement and closed-house conditions.

Due to the sensitive nature of Radon testing devices, Mr. Radon® cannot provide refunds for detectors that were purchased in error, that are of the incorrect application or that have passed their recommended deployment date.

Mr. Radon® is not responsible for issues that may arise when returning detectors for analysis, including but not limited to the loss of a device in transit to the manufacturer’s facility via mail, courier, etc. We understand that time spent performing the test will be lost if a result cannot be obtained, and we highly recommend adding tracking to any returned package.

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