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Online Learning

We’re proud of the work that we do here at Mr. Radon®, and it shows through the quality of our work. Whether it’s testing, mitigating, working with government officials to change how regulations surrounding Radon impact the public, or raising awareness about the effects, we do this because Radon remediation is a cause we strongly believe in. Our pride stems from over 18 years of experience in the field, which we’ve taken and translated into training courses based on rules and regulations within Canada, which weren’t available when we were coming into our own, and they remain what we’d like to call the gold standard for training, so much so that we even use these courses for our internal training.


With the assistance of several other founding members of CARST and C-NRPP, along with the Health Canada team, we helped design courses that would help prepare those interested in taking the C-NRPP exams or even just anyone who wanted to learn more about Radon from a business perspective which you can learn more about below. 

Radon Measurement Technician

This course lays the foundation you need to take the C-NRPP Measurement exam and the knowledge required to speak to your clients about Radon authoritatively. This course includes access to the course, a downloadable textbook, a copy of the PowerPoint slides used, and 16 hours of video instruction.

Controlling Radon in New Canadian Homes

This course is a complete instruction for people wishing to build Radon-Resistant Homes. We cover techniques, design considerations, and best practices. This is designed for the national C-NRPP exam but is perfectly applicable for builders to meet Ontario’s SB-9 Radon code or local municipal codes based on it.

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