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Our History

Maureen Wood was first introduced to Radon in 2005 at a Home Inspection convention held in Florida. There, she was struck with the idea of adding Radon testing to her home inspection business back in Ontario; she soon realized that there were no companies able to operate within Ontario that could reduce elevated Radon levels in inspected homes if detected. Discussing this gap with her husband, Bob Wood, they decided to team up to fill the much-needed space. At the time, no Canadian resources would help what would become Mr. Radon® operate successfully. Health Canada suggested that the Woods look to the United States, where Radon awareness was ample, to receive training and guidance. And they did!


It was slow for the industry to become established in Canada. With the reduction of Health Canada’s recommended action level from 800 Bq/m³ to 200 Bq/m³ in 2007, we found that more people became aware of the detrimental effects of radiation from Radon and wanted to take action against it. To our joy, in 2010, Health Canada undertook a cross-Canada Radon survey, which also helped increase public awareness and the demand for action increased significantly. With mass-concentrated testing and higher-than-expected results, word spread quickly as it gained the media’s attention.

As time progressed, Mr. Radon® became instrumental in the 2011 creation of the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (CARST) and the 2014 creation of the Canadian National Radon Protection Program (C-NRPP) due to our knowledge and expertise. We have created and adjusted industry educational parameters, national examinations, and overall operational standards for Radon measurement and mitigation. 

Mr. Radon®, through CARST, was involved in lobbying the Provincial government, among other things, to require landlords to test rental units for elevated Radon levels. During that time, Mr. Radon® applied for and was finally granted a North American patent for a device they invented, a tamper-resistant housing unit that could hold Radon testing and monitoring devices.

Never one to slow down, Mr. Radon® has moved from our small roots of mitigating existing homes to installing systems in newly constructed homes, rows of townhouses and larger-scale condominiums. We have also expanded to include commercial and industrial projects like schools, banks, office buildings and shopping malls.

With the added concern from environmental companies about other soil gasses such as methane, VOCs and Brown Field issues, Mr. Radon® has expanded its knowledge to address these issues as well.

Our History
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Our Mission

Our Mission

Mr. Radon® aims to not only reduce the number of deaths due to Radon-induced lung cancer but also to lessen its impact on the health of members of our community. We do this by taking a hands-on approach: fixing homes with high levels of Radon, ensuring that newly built homes are safeguarded against its invasion, helping create new guidelines and standards, and championing the education of our community wherever we can. It was this goal that led to the creation of our motto:

"Saving lives, one building at a time."

Our Team

Meet the Team


Our Work Speaks For Itself

We love hearing back about how our team provided excellent support and service. Below, you'll find links to each review site clients have used to give their opinions on a job well done.


"This year we discovered that we had radon in the basement of our home. After researching whom to use to help us mitigate this, we found Mr. Radon. From our initial call to them to the completion of the work, to the retesting of the radon levels, Mr. Radon was outstanding. They were professional, knowledgeable, responsive and reliable. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great company to help them mitigate radon in their home. They gave us peace of mind that our home is now a safer environment to be in."


"Mr. Radon, came in to help us mitigate our high radon levels in our century home. Our house was very complex as it had different types of foundations. Mr. Radon was able to identify the major sources of radon and mitigate the levels. They had excellent customer service, knowledge and expertise in handling all issues associated with radon mitigation. I would highly recommend Mr. Radon to anyone looking to reduce radon levels in their home. Our levels went from approximately 550 Bq/m³ down to 26 Bq/m³. It was a pleasure to work with the entire team at Mr. Radon."


". . . Andrew possesses a rare combination of deep knowledge, experience, almost tangible professional confidence and an amazing ability to put you at ease with his friendliness and a brilliant sense of humour. Due to the layout of our basement, the installation was very challenging, yet we didn't sense any stress during the team's work. I still don't know how they managed to fit in an aesthetically pleasing system in the narrowest possible space behind our HVAC and discreetly feed it out of the house. It looks beautiful, it's quiet and most efficient in making our home safe for our family. . ."

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