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Meet the Test Kits

We’ve scoured the market trying to find the best way to provide you with high-quality, accurate Radon tests at the best prices.  

Find out your Radon levels as fast as possible! This is the shortest duration test recommended to be considered accurate.
Health Canada recommends these test kits for their superior representation of your actual annual average Radon exposure.

Want to place an order for multiple Long Term Radon Test Kits?

Please call us directly at  1-888-472-3664  to place an order for multiple  long term test kits.

Continuous Monitors

Special Pricing for Your New Continuous Radon Monitor

Did you know that radon levels change all the time, even within a single day? With Ecosense radon monitors, you can accurately track these fluctuations in real-time.

Mr. Radon partners with Ecosense to give Special Pricing to our customers.
Enter our promo code MrRadon at checkout
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