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Like a fingerprint, each building is unique in its construction, usage, or design. We’ve taken the time to become familiar with as many of these characteristics as possible to ensure that we can provide you with the best service possible. And with 18+ years of experience, we can say we’ve seen a lot! Below are most of the areas we’ve developed specific methods for managing, though if there’s something you need a hand with that you don’t see there, we’d love a chance to expand our catalogue!


Do you have elevated Radon levels? Here’s our plan of attack for solving it! The communication testing process, where we look at putting the system in your basement, and a few other things to be aware of.

Radon in Water

Rarely, well water can be contaminated by dissolved Radon. If you have a high Radon in water test result, or are concerned that you have high Radon in water, we can help!


Have a question about the right test kit? Where to put it? What do my results mean? This is the page for you! Everything our experts think you need to know, and then some!

Residental Services

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Residential Services

Spray Foam

With our machine spray foam, rated by the CCMC at zero Radon permeation, and backed by CUFCA, sprayed underneath a concrete floor, we can achieve the under-slab insulation value required by the building code, as well as greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a Radon mitigation system. 


It doesn't matter what size of building you have, they're all susceptible to Radon gas buildup. As commercial buildings are usually quite a bit larger than most residential homes, we usually test most of the rooms on the ground floor or lowest occupied level to ensure that the entire building is safe.


While the exact methodology will vary from site to site, we start with diagnostics on site to figure out the best location and size of fans to solve your problem, no matter the size or complexity! Once we know what we need to do to solve your problem, we can install the best system for your situation.


This system uses a spray applied polymerized asphalt between two layers of fabric membrane to prevent vapours from being able to enter the building. It is usually installed along with a sub-slab depressurization system to be 100% certain that there is no way for the vapour to enter the building.

New Construction

The only thing easier than mitigating a building is building radon out! Townhomes and multi-unit residential buildings are especially hard to mitigate after they are constructed due to their limited space inside and out. We have ample experience with buildings of all sizes that we’d love to share with you!


Need a professional opinion? We have years of experience working with architects, engineers, and builders to design and plan solutions of varying sizes and complexity. Wondering about the best way to mitigate a building? We have a few options, and we can find the one that will work for your building.

Radiation Safety Officer

Should you need to hire externally to build or operate a Radiation Safety plan, we have two Radiation Safety officers who can coordinate with you to figure out how to monitor and ensure the safety of your employees at all times on the worksite.

Vapour Barrier

Many commercial projects require heavy vapour barriers underneath their ground-contact concrete floor. We have a lot of experience installing these as they typically get bundled together with the under-floor vapour collection system, as well as the discharge piping running through the building.

VOC/Brown Field

There is little difference between the methodologies to prevent the entry of a VOC into a building and the entry of radon into a building. We have a lot of experience doing both! While we might not be able to help remove the contamination, we can certainly help you mitigate it!

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