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Test Length: 4 Days +/-

Short-term E-Perm Electrets are the most sensitive electret type and are usually the most suitable electret to deploy for short-term Radon tests. Short-term test kits are most commonly used for post-mitigation testing and reporting. They may be used for real estate transactions to accommodate short-time requirements. Health Canada recommends that a short-term test be followed up with a long-term test to provide a more accurate long-term average of Radon levels in a home or building.

E-Perm test kits are C-NRPP-approved devices, and a C-NRPP-certified analytical laboratory provides reports.

Short Term Radon Test Kit

  • $75* + $32.50 S&H + HST ($13.98) = $121.48

    *Includes lab fee and report. Return shipping is included.

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